How I Sharpen

Scissors are sharpened using the Twice as Sharp system. The fine wheel used with this system gently removes any nicks and tears. The edges are then honed to the sharpest edge possible.

Knives are sharpened using the True Hone Knife Sharpening system. Honing provides a quality razor sharp edge for long lasting use. Knives that are professionally sharpened give superior performance with less effort and stay sharp longer.

Surgical Scissors and Trocars are sharpened using the RX Honing machine.

Clipper Blades are sharpened using the Nebraska Blade system. Your blades are returned quickly, clean and sharp. All blades are inspected for damage then washed in biodegradable degreaser, without harsh solvents, leaving a fresh and pleasant scent. They are then sharpened, demagnetized and oiled. The sockets are then reset and the tension springs are adjusted before being reassembled. Every blade is tested to guarantee sharpness and quality before individually wrapped and packaged.