Mail-In Service

Print out the Mail-In Order Form Below. Fill it out and include a check for payment or credit card information.

Be sure to send any items in a study box, packing material, tape, and label. You can pay a local package delivery company to ship for you. We accept deliveries from USPS, Fed Ex, and UPS, and will return ship the same way for the same price. We recommend flat rate boxes.

Items must not move around in the shipping box or the packaged will be punctured and the package may be returned to you. Items may also be lost. Ask the postal service about obtaining insurance if you wish to do so.

Please do not use a "Signature Required" service.

Wrap items in cardboard, bubble wrap, or newspaper.

Be sure to add additional packing material to prevent them from moving around.

Include a Pre-paid Shipping Label (recommended) or add the cost of return shipping in your payment.

NOTE - **Surgical Instruments: Must be shipped in sterilization bags for proof of sterilization.

**Some repairs may require parts which have additional charges.

Payment can be made via credit card, check or money order. (include phone number on check. ) Do not send cash.

ISharpenIt Mail Form.pdf